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Setting up Scholarship Portfolio

Getting started you will need a 3 ring binder (1″),
document protectors (12-15), and a flash drive.
Copy of Current Transcripts RVHS and COCC College Now/Tech Prep
RVHS – Request a copy in the Raven Career Center via the school registrar.  Remember to request your COCC and OIT transcripts as well.  You are the only one able to gain your own transcripts as the FERPA laws prevent any other person requesting them.
COCC College Now/Tech Prep-Download from http://www.cocc.edu/
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Test Scores
SAT and ACT scores for reference
Letters of Recommendation
3 to 6 letters is sufficient. Request letters from clergy, volunteer work that you do, community service, teachers, club advisor, athletic coaches, activity leaders, private instructors, employers.
Activities Chart
Template available on the “S” drive in the Raven Career Center folder. Please save this immediately into your own file. Be sure to include a “well-rounded” example of you. Include all activities and experiences/awards that you have earned or completed in the past four years. Fill in all the spaces and add to and adjust as your year progresses.
Scholarship Essays
4 short essays, limit to 150 words each and have your English Teacher here at the High School review them prior to submission. Save them to your disk and add or delete as needed for other scholarship opportunities: (most scholarship essay topics are the same or close)
#1-Explain your career aspirations and your education plan to meet these goals.
#2-Describe a challenge or obstacle you faced in the last ten years. What did you learn about yourself from this experience?
#3-Describe a personal accomplishment and the strengths and skills you used to achieve it.
#4-Explain how you have helped your family or made your community a better place to live. Please provide specific examples.
Occupational Certificates and Student Awards
Athletic Awards/Club Certificates
Athletic Profile/NCAA Clearinghouse
Employment Resume
News articles about you and community service
Keep copies of the cover page from scholarships you submit, for your reference. When you are scheduled for an interview you can refer back to the information you provided scholarships.
When your information is gathered in your portfolio, you will be ready to assemble any scholarship requirements quickly. For more information about Setting up your Scholarship Portfolio or other questions about scholarship options, stop by the Ridgeview High School Counseling Office or the Raven Career Center.