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Apprenticeships and Trade Schools

An Apprenticeship Can Land You a Great Career

Do you like a challenge? Do you enjoy being physically active, creative, and building things?

When you sign up for an apprenticeship, you can learn skills in construction trades, manufacturing, facilities maintenance, public utilities, and more.And with so many people retiring these days, workers in these areas are in demand.

Apprentices work full time, usually starting at half the wage of a worker who has been certified in the occupation. They receive regular pay increases as they learn to perform more complex tasks, and take classes as they learn on the job.

Keep in mind that apprenticeships can be very competitive. If you get discouraged along the way, or if someone tells you “no,” then maybe you’re talking to the wrong person. Be persistent. Call apprenticeship programs directly, even if they’re full or not accepting applications at this time. See if they are offering orientations or have tips about filing an application. Ask for an informational interview or see if you can visit a work site or shop.

Review the Apprenticeship Guide at www.oregon.gov/BOLI/ATD/index. shtml, or contact Atdemail.boli@state.or.us, (971) 673-0760. Also, all apprenticeship programs qualify for Veteran GI Bill benefits.

Recent Apprenticeship Openings and Applications

Opening Announcement 2-3-16 Plumbing

02 Feb 13 – MA 3025 HVAC       02 Feb 13 – MA 7026 LEA       02 Feb 24 – MA 1038 Plumber       02 Feb 27 – MA 3015 Plumber       04 Apr 02 – MA 1033       Plumber                            11 Nov 16 – MA 1046 Inside Electrician          11 Nov 30 – MA 1126 Limited Renewable Energy             11 Nov 30 – MA 1126 Solar Heating and Cooling                                                          12 Dec 15 – MA 1062 Signmaker-Erector


Source: Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries/Careers Oregon 2016



What can you learn at a private career school (PCS)? You can take courses and earn a certificate that prepares you for careers in:

Bookkeeping|Cosmetology|Massage Therapy|Phlebotomy|Tax Preparation|Dental Assisting|Truck Driving and many more…

Before you enroll, you should:

Visit to see what they have to offer. Sit in on classes.

    1. Schedule an appointment with the school’s director to find out more about the school and what it can offer you.
    2. Talk with current students and graduates to get their opinions about the school.
    3. Prepare to enroll by reading the catalog, student handbook, school calendar, enrollment agreement, and loan agreement (if applicable).
    4. Make sure you read and understand the school information and are aware of what the total program (including tuition, fees, books, and supplies) will cost.
    5. Ask potential employers if they’ve hired graduates of the school you are considering.
  1. Don’t rush into a decision to attend a private career school. Take your time and explore your options.

For more information, call (503) 947-5751 or visit www.ode.state.or.us/go/pcs.

Source: Private Career Schools, Oregon Department of Education