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Parsons Grading Policy

Grading system

Student grading will be based on a true standards based proficiency model where students are accountable to demonstrate real learning rather than simply accumulate points to earn a grade.  The teacher’s role is to establish critical learning objectives based on Oregon or college readiness standards.  The teacher provides meaningful high level instruction using, a variety of instructional strategies, and then allows for multiple opportunities for students to demonstrate an understanding of the concepts being taught.   The student’s role is to complete all daily assignment, homework, projects, and assessment in a manner which demonstrate proficiency toward the standard.  Students are assigned a letter grade (A, B, C, or I) for each task based on the level of demonstrated proficiency.

  •  A level work denotes exceeding the standard- Excellent as predetermined by a differentiation rubric or chubric (combination checklist and rubric).
  •  level work denotes proficient in the standard- Effective as predetermined by a differentiation rubric or chubric (combination checklist and rubric).
  •  C level work denotes meets the standard- Student demonstrates a solid understanding of the concept but does not attempt to go beyond the minimum to demonstrate his or her proficiency.  The ultimate goal is for every student to reach at least a C level in all assignment, preparing the student for future success in school.
  •  I level work denotes in-progress- student may or may not have completed the entire assigned task.  If the task was completed it was not at a level that demonstrates a proficient level of understanding of the concept being taught.  Students will be given addition time to resubmit work until the work they submit meets a minimal level of performance.