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Course #: BU115SSA

Length & Credit: 1 trimester/0.5 credit/ SA

Grade(s): 9, 10, 11, 12

Prerequisites: None

In this course, students learn basic business and marketing concepts relevant to all business operations and organizations.
These concepts include product planning and selling; promotion; advertising; visual merchandising; market research;
customer service skills; product pricing; distribution channels; human relations; and business management techniques. With
technology and computers being such a key factor in the operations of today’s businesses, students will learn computer
applications skills and gain workplace readiness. Many of the business and marketing strategies learned in class are
accomplished through a variety of activities and projects such as multi-media productions; market research studies; visual
displays; product designs; advertisements and promotional campaigns; and more.

CN Business 1

Course #: BU210CSA

Length & Credit: 1 trimester/.5 credit/ SA

Grade(s): 10, 11, 12

Prerequisites: None

College Credit: COCC, 4 credits, $60

This is a College Now course introducing students to the world of business. Through the information and activities presented
in this class, students will become knowledgeable consumers, well-prepared employees, and effective citizens in the economy.
This course will serve as a background for other business courses. It will prepare students for future employment or
business ownership and make them better informed citizens in an expanding international economy. Topics covered in this
course include: Economic Decisions and Activity; Business in the Global Economy; Business Organizations; Entrepreneurship
and Small Business Management; Marketing; Management and Leadership; Human Resources; Business and Technology;
Production and Business Operations and more.

Advanced Marketing-Student Store Management

Course #: BU120SSA

Length & Credit: 1 trimesters/.5 credit/ SA (Repeatable)

Grade(s): 10, 11, 12

Prerequisites: Completion of Marketing


This course provides students opportunities to explore the world of retail and marketing by assisting with the operation and management of two actual retail stores located on campus – a snack/concessions store and an apparel store. Advanced Marketing builds on the principles and concepts taught in Marketing. Through hands-on involvement in these two retail stores, students learn and apply marketing concepts such as purchasing, inventory control, product design, product pricing, product promotion, advertising sales, management, market research, and customer service. Advanced Marketing students are also expected to demonstrate leadership and employment skills throughout this class.

Business Leadership

Course #: BU225SSA

Length & Credit: 1 trimester/.5 credit/ SA (Repeatable)

Grade(s): 10, 11, 12

Prerequisites: None

In this course, students will develop and improve their business and leadership skills by completing a variety of business-related projects and activities. The leadership component of this class involves students (either individually or in small teams) managing and completing a project throughout the course in a self-directed manner. Leadership projects that students can choose from include the following: community service project, business plan, digital video production, E-business, E-portfolio, multimedia presentation, annual chapter report, Virtual Business challenge, public speaking, impromptu speaking, Partnership with Business project, American Enterprise project, newsletter design, website design, scrapbook design, and others. Students may then choose to enter their business project in Regional and State Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) competitive events. The business skills development component of this class involves students learning and/or enhancing various business skills such as document formatting, written and oral communication, marketing, business ethics know-how, organization skills, time management skills, presentation skills, entrepreneurship, management, computation, and information technology. Many of these business skills will be accomplished through the student’s involvement in earning his/her Business Achievement Award(s).


CN Accounting

Course #: BU215CSA

Length & Credit: 1 trimester/.5 credit/ SA

Grade(s): 10, 11, 12

Prerequisites: None

College Credit: COCC, 3 credits, $45

In this course students will use the computer in a hands-on approach to learning double-entry accounting concepts. Students use software that performs like real-world business accounting software. Accounting concepts learned include: general journals and ledgers, bank reconciliation, financial documents, end-of-fiscal period transactions, invoicing, purchases, cash payments, cash receipts, discounts, and sales. Computerized Accounting teaches the fundamentals of accounting which can be used for personal records, attaining entry-level skills for job placement, or provide an excellent background for the college bound business, marketing, administration, finance, or accounting student. Accounting is a foundation course for any career in business.



Personal Finance-Careers

Course #: BU230SSA

Length & Credit: 1 trimester/.5 credit/ SA

Grade(s): 11, 12

Prerequsites: None

This course meets the graduation requirement for Careers.

In order to be able to function as a responsible citizen in the interrelated roles of wage earner and wage spender, students in this class will gain an understanding of topics related to employment and income; purchase of goods and services; and rights and responsibilities in the marketplace. Students will have the opportunity to learn basic money management skills that include budgeting know-how, debt management, property ownership, investing strategies, banking, housing, insurance needs, tax preparation, personal law, estate planning—all of which will help students to develop a lifetime financial plan.

Business Math with Algebra

Course #: MA221SMA

Length & Credit: 1 trimesters/.5 credit/ MA

Grade(s): 11, 12

Business Math with Algebra courses teach and have students apply algebra concepts to a variety of business and financial situations. Applications usually include income, insurance, credit, banking, taxation, stocks and bonds, and finance.

Computer Applications

Course #: BU100SSA

Length & Credit: 1 trimester/.5 credit/ Elective

Grade(s): 9, 10, 11, 12

Prerequisites: None

Effective computer skills are a must for workers in today’s world. Computer Applications is designed to expand and improve students’ computer skills and know-how using a variety of software applications and computer processes such as word processing; spreadsheets; presentations; graphics; Internet and online resources; and e-mail techniques. Students taking this course to improve their computer software know-how by using Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides as well as Microsoft Suite: MS Word, MS Excel, MS Publisher, and MS PowerPoint. The projects and assignments that students complete in class are relevant to the kinds of activities required of students in the home, in school, and on the job. The class will help to prepare students for post-high school work experiences, as well as to provide college-bound students with valuable computer know-how.

CTE Mentorship Business 1, 2, 3, 4

Course #: CT321SEL, CT322SEL, CT323SEL, CT324SEL

Length & Credit: 1 trimester/.5 credit/ Elective

Grade(s): 11, 12

Prerequisites: Teacher Approval

This course gives students who have successfully completed one or more of the business classes at Ridgeview (Marketing, Personal Finance, Business Math, etc) the opportunity to return to the classroom as a mentor in these classes. Mentor students will help other students successfully complete the course through one on one assistance, individual and group instruction, coaching, collaboration, and evaluation.

Students will learn beginning techniques in mentorship, and apply what they learn to teaching and coaching other students towards successful completion of the introductory course.

Teacher approval is required.


Business Project A, B, C

Course #: CT341SELA, CT341SELB and CT341SELC

Length & Credit: 1 trimester/.5 credit/ Elective

Grade(s): 10, 11, 12

Prerequisites: None

The Business Projects series of course are meant to offer student the opportunity to expand their knowledge and understanding through hands-on, real world projects through continued development and implementation of their professional business skills acquired through previous coursework. Students will get to choose a business subject area and pursue research, development and implementation of a project. Such projects might include but are not limited to; business management, retail design and merchandising, accounting processes, banking and financial systems, project management, marketing and promotion, entrepreneurship, etc. Students will plan, implement, evaluate and reflect on their progress to enhance their learning to better prepare them for today’s workplaces.

Each course will be guided by the following types of projects:

I: Beginning projects, home/individual solutions
II: Intermediate projects, solutions for others
III: Advanced projects, solutions for local businesses
IV: Professional/Entrepreneurial , solutions for larger problems or original ideas

Note: These courses will require students to work independently, and may include traveling off campus during school hours in order to meet with community members, acquire materials, and conduct research. If this is necessary, the student must provide their own transportation.

Work Experience Internship Business

Course #: CT932SELA

Length & Credit: 1 trimester 90 hrs/.5 credit/ Elective

Grade(s): 12

Prerequisites: Teacher Approval

Work experience consists of an internship experience or a preexisting job that integrates work site experiences with academic learning and career development in a work-based experience.  It is an opportunity to gain employment skills while connecting work with learning at school.  To qualify as a school-to-work experience, duties of employed students usually must be planned specifically to ensure work-based learning is meaningful.  It involves a contract between the student, employer, and the school.

CTE Pathways Exploration

Course #: CT702SSA

Length & Credit: 1 trimester/.5 credit/ SA

Grade(s): 9

Prerequisites: None

Exploration of Career and Technical Education (CTE) helps students identify and evaluate personal goals, priorities, aptitudes, and interests with the goal of helping them make informed decisions about future CTE course choices. This course exposes students to various sources of information on career and training options and may also assist them in developing job search and employability skills.

This course will also cover school orientation providing students with an introduction to the culture of their school so that they understand staff expectations and the school’s structure and conventions.  Students will be introduced to several organizational and study skills appropriate for high school and college.